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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Activity Briefing

In case you are a new reader I thought I'd let you know what kind of activities in which I participate in Second Life. Here we go:


more conferences



Alright seriously this will be a short post sense I've only endured twenty flavors of insanity during my insomnia-driven stint on Second Life tonight. Friendships were strengthened, truths were told, and everybody else had their panties in a bunch over something. Lighten up, guys.

First off, I got a new look that I friggin' love. It's great, my avatar is such a dirty little hottie. Moving on, in this little snapshot we have from left to right me, Steff Ling and some guy (or chick, I'm confused as usual) named Sharen. We are god knows where doing absolutely nothing. Enjoy.

This picture was taken during a boy meeting, where me and Steff talked about SL boys we know, boys we love, and boys we're gonna choke if they don't log in every once in a freakin' while (Shane V).

Let's end this in a moment of meditation. I was so tired by the end of the night my avatar was complaining, so I sat that little bitch down for time-out.


Kring's Beer

Although I really think Tooter Claxton should call it Stain (that logo is friggin' genius), my understanding is that it's called Kring's Beer. Unlike most intelligent people, I am one who, instead of researching, goes forth with information and waits to be corrected. Because of this I'm not gonna say too much about Kring's Beer other than the fact that it is a bar with a stage and contains freebies, possibly some of Tooter's world class avatars, and is all around chocked with crunchy Tootie goodness. Mmmm Tootie (I'm creepy).

SLurl: Kring's Beer


Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Locations: The Far Away

This place is at present my absolute favorite location in Second Life. It's small, only a blocked-off chunk of some random commercialized sim, but the builder obviously had a dream (a really awesome dream) so they built a rusty old train in a wheat field and added a silo and a kitchen table (cool) to the scenery. There are walls covering three sides of the area that give the look of farmhouses in the distance clouded by fog. Freaking phenomenal. Go the the Far Away.

Righteous place suggestion by Bettina Tizzy.

SLurl: The Far Away


Highlight: Second Life Blogs

If you look to your right (or left, I be changing shit all the time) you will see a list of Second Life blogs I've linked to. I figure you see links all the time but why not see the page it links to? With that said here are the screenshots for the current sites on the list, and included are super brief reviews. Let's do this:

Tooter Claxton

In my opinion Tooter Claxton is one of the most bad-assed builders in the big SL, and by natural right, one of the most tweaked. In the screenshot shown is a post about his Clockwork Orange-inspired avatar - that's also bound and covered in blood. Go Tooter!

Betinna Tizzy

Bettina covers a ridiculous amount of SL goings on. Freaky avs, incredible builds, and all kinds of other delightful nonsense. She also has (from the look of it anyway) a ton of connections with people from all walks of life so she's not genre cast [*ahem* can we edit that?].


Friday, November 30, 2007

ITEM: Gas Mask [half-mask]

Post-apocalypse? Got roughly three teeth? SARS maybe? Then this is the mask for you! This is a well-built, highly-detailed gas mask that can be copied for backup and modded to fit you tiny-headed freaks (ahem) I mean...tiny-headed upstanding citizens. Nevertheless, it is priced to be newbie friendly and only available at Gideon's Pawn (entirely to be confused with the pawn shop on the movie The Crow) in Mallard. Come get it, boys.

SLurl: Gideon's Pawn


Disturbance 1.0

How'd you like to bust into this stall at your local convenience store.


Saturday, November 17, 2007

Gideon's Pawn, Foo.

This post will be edited and reposted as 'new' as soon as Second Life will FUCKING LET ME ON!! *Ahem* Anyway...Gideon's Pawn is a must-visit store - and not just because It's mine.
Inspired by the cult classic emo-drama 'The Crow', Gideon's Pawn is for lack of better description, a dump - and that's how we like it. The structure itself was built by my talented and criminally insane partner ShaneV Bellmen, who named the building the Pawn Stop and currently has it on the market. I shook my pixelated tits a few times before he finally let me use it for the shop, so I dropped it on group land and put up some wallpaper, a cork-board covered in snapshots and flyers, and finally started stocking.
The store is still being stocked at the moment but new items are added regularly and you'll be hearing about some of them here at Atomic Avatars. We sell everything from skins and shapes to fallout equipment and damned-near-condemned structures all at rock-bottom prices (usually 30 Ls).
Unfortunately some complications have trumped my efforts to take down the old items so there are a few high-priced items left on the shelves, but it's cool because you can pass them up or drop the cash if you have the bank and the interest.

SLurl: Gideon's Pawn